Drawing Black and White Board

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Picture book clock early childhood education children birthday Christmas wooden toys learning materials training training your study gift gifts basic Variety clean up children's emotional education graffiti large design paint drawing board blackboard + whiteboard 2 pattern / educational wooden chalk whiteboard erase magnet blackboard eraser chalk holder pen color toys teacher educational toys soft 3-year-old 4-year-old English elementary school puzzle toy card for teacher educational teaching materials this housing children 1 year old drill 

It is a wooden drawing board of colorful face-to-face. Blackboard and whiteboard because it is a rotary, you can enjoy two types of boards. So as not to dirty hand using chalk 
pen chalk pen holder and 
such numbers magnet to help you study 
accessories also enhance . You can enjoy your study with children. Set contents wooden educational board , blackboard eraserwhiteboard erase whiteboard pen -digit Magnet (26pcs) with magnet-choke holder (red chalk 1 bottle) choke (12pcs) -manual .It is possible to the height adjustment of the board with screws, to match the height of the children you can use. 


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